Engineering-grade Data: Aptiv’s New Solution for Connected Vehicles’ Oldest Problem

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Engineering-grade Data: Aptiv’s New Solution for Connected Vehicles’ Oldest Problem

Connected vehicles have been around for more than two decades, yet OEMs still spend billions of dollars in warranty every year — $48 billion in 2016 to be exact. So what’s been missing from the connected vehicle’s promise to help OEMs better understand the quality of their assets?

A data strategy, one that’s less about sending haystacks of data back to OEMs, and more about sending only the needles of insight that OEMs need to quickly and affordably address performance problems as they arise.

The Control-Tec, an Aptiv company, Connected Services platform delivers the data strategy and technology that turns big data into a bigger opportunity. As a result, OEMs are starting to see real ROI on their connected vehicle investment.

How it works.
It takes deep domain expertise to deliver the right data, at the right time, at the right speed throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle, from pre-production validation all the way to after-sales.

Aptiv Connected Services has that deep domain expertise. In addition to helping craft a data strategy specific to the issues an OEM is trying to address, this expertise has created the technology that allows Aptiv to extract high-value information by aggregating and analyzing data at the logical extreme of the network — all in real time.

We call this technology our Edge-enabled Cloud. By doing most of the heavy data lifting and sifting at the network edge, it eliminates the need to transmit mountains of raw data back to the OEM, thus dramatically reducing data transfer and storage costs.

And because only high-value data end up in the cloud, Aptiv can then coalesce and distribute insights faster, allowing OEM engineers to fix problems faster.

One cloud-based solution, many useful applications.
Aptiv’s Edge-enabled Cloud opens doors to so many game-changing opportunities. Customers can receive real-time updates on fleet performance. They can deploy new data strategies or software fixes at any time; over the air. Even better, they no longer have to reproduce issues, or worst case, take down vehicles for root cause analysis, thanks to Aptiv’s platform that delivers detailed, engineering-grade data to solve problems more quickly.

With an enterprise approach to data – and a strategy behind what to collect and when – OEMs finally have an affordable, effective, and fast way to discover the data insights that connected vehicles have been hiding for years. With Control-Tec, an Aptiv company, you can turn data in knowledge.