Live on the Edge

Today's vehicles have a highly evolved electrical infrastructure that can be leveraged with edge computing techniques to generate rich knowledge of the vehicle fleet. When combined with data from other sources, this information can provide the foundation for trend analysis and predictive patterns which can be used to optimize resources.

"With our previous data solutions partner, we were lucky to get 20% data yield from trucks in the field. Now with Control-Tec, data collection issues are rare."
- Commercial Heavy Duty Powertrain Engineer


Revolutionize Validation Testing & Launch With Confidence

The cloud-based acquisition tool that's changing the game for powertrain, electrical, infotainment, connected vehicle and autonomous engineering development, analysis and validation

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Optimize Vehicle Systems Product Development With Certainty

Expect fresh approaches to systems engineering; new-found comfort levels over warranty concerns; fast, global benchmarking services; and experienced certification advice.

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Platform Components

Utilize Industry-Leading Data Density Technology

CT-Edge, our embedded data acquisition software, lives on the edge of the vehicle and harvests real time information delivering enterprise value for our customers.

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