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Meet and Exceed Quality Performance Targets

Edge computing enables real-time analysis of high speed signals to provide trustworthy driveability metrics.

Warranty Cost Avoidance and Increased Customer Satisfaction

Identify and solve issues before production with Qualifier's rapid root cause capabilities.

Persistent Understanding of Customer Behavior

Industry-leading data density provides a comprehensive suite of real world customer usage behavior.

New Insights via Advanced Analytics & Prognostics

Data discovery with DATALAB coupled with Qualifier's health reporting platform delivers actionable insights from your testing and connected vehicle programs.

Client Testimonials

"With our previous data solutions partner, we were lucky to get 20% data yield from trucks in the field. Now with Control-Tec, data collection issues are rare."
- Commercial Heavy Duty Powertrain Engineer

"That is awesome data mining. Data clearly shows that trans did not upshift when it should have."
- Engine calibrator at major OEM

"We consider the service Control-Tec provides an integral part of our engineering process. As long time partners, we have an extensive relationship with Control-Tec and jointly adapt as technology changes. They provide outstanding on call/on demand support for urgent launches."
- OE Validation & Calibration Supervisor

"The CT-Edge data is extremely valuable. We just released new software, which had some driveability improvements in it. The CT-Edge data showed an issue happened with exactly the same drive cycle that this new software was supposed to fix. If we didn't have CT-Edge data, we would have assumed the new software fixed that issue and would be chasing after other possible root causes, thereby wasting time and money."
- OE Quality Engineer