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Vehicle data analytics on a turnkey solution leveraging automotive domain expertise for pre & post production OEM value. Benefits of the Qualifier® platform include accelerated product development, improved quality, lowered warranty cost and optimized connected vehicle data programs. The Qualifier platform connects our customers to their vehicles globally, 24/7.

Our platform delivers an industry-leading enterprise data acquisition, analytics and management solution resulting in a more efficient development process...and ultimately a better consumer experience. The result is an ability to solve the "4V" data challenge every OE faces today - Volume, Velocity, Veracity and Variety.

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How do you manage all of the dimensions that drive scale risk; vehicle count, content, signals, analysis and users?

Qualifier™ provides the ability to access, organize and manage thousands of data signals and files per vehicle across fleets anywhere in the world.


How do you analyze the inbound data quickly enough to spot trends and empower users?

Control-Tec's Edge-Computing capability enables the distillation of critical data in real-time to expedite analysis and notification process for specifically tracked issues and high-interest signals from the vehicle.


How do you ensure reliable data across multiple makes, models, years and content levels, which is required to enable robust analysis?

Control-Tec's Qualifier™ platform delivers high-quality, engineering-grade data which is accurate, precise and reliable. Six-sigma techniques ensure a deeper level of root-cause analysis and insight discovery.


Why settle for 40 variables when you can capture 4,000 high-value variables from each machine?

Qualifier™ provides support for SAE, ISO and other custom protocols. Ability to develop complex triggers and synthetic variables across a wide variety of vehicle platform and package types. Unlimited potential in data available to downstream systems.

Platform Components


Our edge computing platform features robust data acquisition software which delivers Industry leading "data density" and enterprise value.
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Developer solves the often daunting challenge of reliably acquiring data from remote testing of complex vehicles.
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Time-based graphing tool that enables quick and in-depth root cause analysis.
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Leverage all of your test data to answer any questions that come up through development and into production.
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We developed the CT-1000® to be the most powerful vehicle data recorder available.
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One-third the size of the CT-1000 but 100% of the edge computing power.
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Not your average dongle, the CT-2534 provides unmatched engineering and diagnostic performance.
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Diagnostics and data acquisition have never been easier with our lineup of mobile tools and applications.
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