Delivering on the Edge: Aptiv’s CT-Edge platform reduces warranty issues

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Delivering on the Edge: Aptiv’s CT-Edge platform reduces warranty issues

Automakers spent more than $48 billion globally on warranty issues in 2016. More than 50 percent of these issues were related to software.

What if a majority of these problems could be detected early and fixed before becoming costly recalls?

CT-Edge is Control-Tec's, an Aptiv company, edge computing platform and software that acquires and analyzes data at the “edge” of the vehicle network in real time. Traditional telematics solutions leverage the cloud for vehicle data analysis. This forces the vehicle to upload all of the desired data to the cloud for analysis. This often leads to a trade-off between the amount of data uploaded versus the cost of transmitting this data via cellular. This typically results in a small number of signals at low frequency being sent to the cloud, which limits its value for post processing. CT-Edge computing technology mitigates this issue by processing high-speed data in real time at the edge, transmitting only the important information to the cloud resulting in an optimal combination of data value at a lower transmission cost.

Building on 20 years of pre-production validation resulting in 250 million-plus miles of experience as well as software developed and refined over the course more than 10 years, CT-Edge is now expanding into production vehicles. This comprehensive vehicle data platform provides a turnkey solution to support warranty reductions and enhanced service offerings.

Here are a couple examples of how CT-Edge works:

With CT-Edge, brake pad wear can be monitored remotely with great precision. When the brake pad life is within the range of needing replacement, the vehicle owner is sent a notification to replace the brake pads.

Similarly, fleet managers will be able to enhance their operations by monitoring their fleet’s health, efficiency and utilization. With the rich information provided by CT-Edge, fleet owners can optimize vehicle use time, operation cost and analyze driver behavior. Various metrics and alerts for fuel economy and driver behavior are available to provide detailed reports on vehicle and driver performance.

Automakers can also benefit from this capability by continuously monitoring vehicle data on several subsystems simultaneously. This engineering-grade data stream can detect warranty issues and upload relevant information to the cloud for further analysis. This data can be used by engineers to identify pending issues and find the root cause of the issue. Once the fix is deployed to the vehicles, the same data strategy can be used to monitor and make sure the issue has been fully resolved. Unlike in the past when automakers had to rely on sending recall and warranty issue notifications by mail, this technology would allow vehicle fixes to be tracked in real-time.

These benefits and others are attainable now. CT-Edge offers reduced data transmission cost by only transmitting the data necessary to detect and fix potential issues, accelerating the resolution of problems before they become catastrophic. By delivering on the edge, Aptiv’s data analysis technology provides a remotely deployable, flexible and targeted platform to solve complex issues.