CONTROLTEC & Delphi’s V2E Strategy Showcased at CES

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CONTROLTEC & Delphi’s V2E Strategy Showcased at CES

The industry is ablaze with “V2” acronyms these days – V2X, V2V, V2I – to name a few. Delphi’s latest updates to the car that drove itself across the country last year now can include coining the acronym “V2E™,” or “vehicle to everything,” as the next big thing in the automated driving space.

From streets to signs to traffic lights to other cars and even pedestrians, Delphi’s newest concept car debuted at CES is chatting up nearly everything in its path. That may change the face of communication, at least in automobiles. “Everyone is focusing on the autonomous car, but what may be just as important is how quickly information can be shared between vehicles, people and even the roads themselves,” said Jeff Owens, chief technology officer, Delphi. “To date, the technical world has created an interface that is great for engineers and scientists, but has given little or no thought to what the consumer might like to see displayed in a car."

“Better yet, what if the car interacted with several smart phones, tablets and wearables in the car?” said Owens. “We think we’ve come up with an interesting concept and one a non-engineer would love – V2E or V2everything."

CONTROLTEC’s industry leading vehicle data acquisition and cloud services will be the data hub of the V2E strategy and is referred to as V2cloud. “We understand automotive data and will be able to leverage this across the entire mobility services eco-system with our auto BI platform.” said Bill Leisenring, chief technology officer, CONTROLTEC. “There are industry transforming opportunities that will enable higher quality vehicles as well as a rich mobility experience for the customer.”

CONTROLTEC demonstrated their V2cloud technology at CES with highlights including: real time remote data streaming, industry leading data density, synchronous video, and advanced automotive business intelligence with Qualifier and DATALAB.