Control-Tec President David Ploucha to Speak at Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2014 Technology Forum

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Control-Tec President David Ploucha to Speak at Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2014 Technology Forum

ALLEN PARK, Mich., May 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — David Ploucha, President of vehicle data acquisition and analysis software company Control-Tec, will address the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2014 Technology Forum on Wednesday, May 28th.

He will be speaking – from the vantage point of a successful start-up – about market opportunities related to the "Big Data" potential emanating from vehicle systems development and testing. "Control-Tec's OEM clients are amassing vast bodies of data in their compliance, quality and customer satisfaction initiatives," said Ploucha. "Our job is to help them turn raw data into actionable data, and in so doing drive product development decisions that result in competitive advantages for them."

As President and Co-Founder of Control-Tec, Ploucha has led the company to a position of relevance and increasing prominence among Software Tool and Engineering Service suppliers in the Transportation Sector. His automotive roots run four generations deep, and fuel his passion for advancing product development processes for the automotive, trucking, defense, construction, agriculture and locomotive industries.

Prior to founding Control-Tec, Ploucha worked in powertrain systems at Chrysler Corporation for 17 years. His career within Chrysler's powertrain division included assignments in hardware development, durability testing, algorithm design, calibration, certification and validation, as well as key roles in the development and launch of multiple Chrysler powertrains. He is recognized as an industry leader in the design, performance and compliance of diagnostic and safety systems, and frequently leads discussions on global integration, feasibility and validation on these topics.

Ploucha earned his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan-Dearborn and obtained a Master's in System Engineering from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He actively mentors within the University of Michigan Ross Business School community, partnering in entrepreneurial endeavors and guiding start-ups through the commercialization process.

Control-Tec transforms product development by providing data-driven solutions for systems engineering, validation, warranty reduction and certification. Utilizing centuries of combined vehicle engineering and systems experience, Control-Tec turns Big Data into actionable data by merging information technology, engineering, data analysis and software development. Control-Tec serves a diverse client base of transportation OEMs around the world with industry-leading software, hardware, consulting services and certification assistance. These clients utilize Control-Tec technologies to successfully navigate an increasingly complex and rapidly changing regulatory environment.

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