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There’s a big difference between “Big Data” and real, actionable insights. CONTROLTEC®, an Aptiv company, helps it's customers unlock the power of data. Today’s software-defined vehicles generate a lot of data. It’s expensive to transmit, and it’s not all useful. You don’t need the haystack uploaded to the cloud, just the needles.

We help our customers identify the data they need to operate more efficiently and produce a better product. We not only look at the health of the individual vehicle, but we also aggregate the data in the cloud for fleet-wide insights. Fleet managers can maximize uptime by bundling maintenance and service windows. OEMs can anticipate and fix warranty issues with over-the-air updates. It all starts with a really good foundation of data.

Work with and learn from experts, while also significantly contributing to the future of mobility! At Aptiv, we believe mobility has the power to change the world and we have the power to change mobility. For more information, please visit www.aptiv.com/our-journey and see our www.aptiv.com/careers for opportunities.

CONTROLTEC® is a global provider of edge computing, over-the-air analytics, security and data marketplace solutions. Our team of experts create a digital link between how the product is designed, engineered, manufactured, used and serviced.