100 Million Lines of Code. 1 Misfire.

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100 Million Lines of Code. 1 Misfire.

You’ve spent years working on launching a new vehicle. You’ve meticulously planned everything. You’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted all the I’s. Every stringent quality test has passed. You are ready. This launch is going to be flawless.

And then…a misfire happens. You repeat the scenario. And it happens again. All you can think about is the years the team has spent making sure all potential risks have been mitigated. What is going on? Is the launch in jeopardy?

This is not a ‘what if’ scenario. This is a true story.

And that’s where CONTROLTEC helped this full size truck program still launch on time. Our system quickly identified the misfire issues even without the check engine light and determined certain drive conditions were causing the misfire; conditions that could have resulted in an approximately $50 million recall.

CONTROLTEC, acquired by Delphi Automotive in 2015, is the only supplier to offer a turnkey system with automotive business intelligence. BI means we don’t just push the data back to our customer… we offer them advanced data analytics, data discovery, asset management and issue management for their pre-production fleet testing. In other words, we point them to the needle in the haystack. And we do it in RealTime by taking data of high interest, moving it to the cloud and alerting them via email or text.

We are also looking at ways to bring that speed and power to consumers post-purchase for an end-to-end connected vehicle platform. Through an aftermarket device, we could provide vehicle performance data to the consumer, as well as assess vehicle health and pinpoint issues in the same way we do pre-production. Additionally, we could offer system upgrades through secure over-the-air updates and integrate third-party services, such as UBI and ride sharing.

CONTROLTEC’s industry leading vehicle data acquisition and cloud services will be the data hub of Delphi’s V2Everything strategy. We call it V2Cloud.

CONTROLTEC demonstrated their V2Cloud technology at CES with highlights including: RealTime remote data streaming, data density, synchronous video, and advanced automotive business intelligence with Qualifier and DATALAB.

“We understand automotive data and will be able to leverage this across the entire mobility services eco-system with our auto BI platform,” said Bill Leisenring, chief technology officer, CONTROLTEC. “When you are working with a customer on a program in Asia and find an issue, you can quickly send the critical data back to the engineers headquartered in the U.S. to have them fix it in significantly less time that it would normally take, literally reduced to minutes from days. That time savings equates to significant cost savings and really speaks to the robustness of our solution.”

Delphi’s RoadRunner is using it too. CONTROLTEC is now installed on all five of our Automated Drive Audi’s. And we have engineers doing video analysis and vehicle data analysis from the sensors, cameras and LiDAR on these vehicles to accelerate the speed of development. Similarly, infotainment validation will also be supported by CONTROLTEC. Learn more how we are helping customers save money and time by solving their most critical data issues here.